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Fashionable and functional, dining room tables are key players in your home. No matter if it’s for a big family gathering or a table for two, making mealtime comfortable and stylish is simple when you’ve got the perfect table. You’ll find a large selection of all shapes, sizes and styles to accommodate your needs. Oh, and just because we’re calling them dining room tables doesn’t mean you can’t put them in your kitchen. Come on and take a look.

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First off, consider the types of gatherings you usually have and the size of room your table is going in. If your space can handle a 6- or 8-seater, the more the merrier! Maybe you’re on the hunt for an eat-in kitchen table? Round, square or rectangular, whatever shape you’re after, we have it.

If you’re lucky enough to have the space for a dining table in the kitchen, cooking, eating and cleaning become much more convenient, especially if you have little kids to watch while you (magically) get it all done. Perfect for weekday meals, a kitchen table can also serve as a spot to do homework, make crafts and play games. Get the biggest dining table you can as long as it fits your space with enough room for diners to sit comfortably.

All of our tables are expertly crafted to deliver optimum comfort and style. You’ll find we offer dining room tables in materials including wood, metal, glass and concrete so that we can appeal to a wide variety of tastes and interiors. They also come in a range of sizes and shapes to best suit your dining and entertaining needs. If you entertain a lot and have the space for it, a large table is a great pick. For a kitchen or a tighter dining space, a smaller table might be just what you need.

For a kitchen or dining room that has a classic feel, opt for something crafted with clean lines and timeless materials like chrome, glass or wood. Find a buffet with similar styling and surround the table with handsome upholstered chairs for a touch of instant class.

In a more casual space, go for a rustic piece made with vintage appeal. Something with a forged iron-look base and rough-hewn wooden top will represent the trend perfectly. Finish off the look with factory-inspired metal and wood seating and some abstract art to create a crave-worthy space that’ll have people talking.

How about a condo with small square footage? A square concrete table may be all you need. Perfect for lazy Sunday mornings, an intimate dinner for two or a poker game for four, this type of table is a wise choice for spaces with industrial or modern minimalist schemes.

Choosing a great dining table not only anchors your dining room or kitchen in great style, it's a place for people to gather to break bread, to stay up all night gabbing over drinks, or even to act as a homework hot spot. Whatever your taste - from rustic to traditional to minimalist, and whatever shape and size you need, we'll serve you up a perfect match.





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