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Dining Chairs

Unless your house is a drive-thru restaurant, you’re going to need some chairs in your kitchen or dining room so you can enjoy a sit-down meal in comfort and style. We’ve got you covered with a great selection of seating! After all, what good is the perfect table without equally perfect chairs?

So let’s get started! Which room are these chairs going in? Do you want them to match your table or just compliment them? Maybe you want to mix things up and have a different chair for each person at the table. That’s ok too. You do you. Another cool look is to combine seating types; try a bench teamed up with a couple of chairs for a relaxed vibe. Or maybe you’re in need of some sleek barstools for your kitchen island. The great thing is, it’s all broken down by chair type, so finding exactly what you’re after is a breeze.

Comfort is key in creating a gathering spot where people will want to sit and stay a while. Be sure to measure the size of your table to figure best out how many chairs can fit around it. Each person at the table needs 24” for maximum comfort. That includes the width of the chair plus 6” on either side for a little fork-to-mouth wiggle room. Of course, you can always pick up a few extra chairs to keep stashed away until you need them. People generally don’t mind getting a little squishy for special holidays with the ones they love.

Our dining chairs are standard height so as long as your table is also standard height (about 30”), you can rest assured they won’t be too high or too low. Our barstools are also standard height and some of them are even adjustable. If you’ve got a counter that’s about 36” high, it’ll be smooth sailing for your seating situation.

Once you know where you’ll use ‘em and how many you want, it’s time to pin down your style. From rustic to traditional to industrial to minimalist, you’ll find your perfect match. Crafted from materials like wood, chrome, metal, fabric and faux leather or suede, it’s simple to choose the right fit for your interior and your needs. No matter what look you like you can be sure our chairs are comfortable. Designed to keep bums comfy from coast to coast, we never sacrifice comfort for style.

As far as our seating collection goes, the sky’s really the limit. Bar and counter stools come in a variety of forms: no-back or low-back, solid or cutout seat backs, with or without armrests, adjustable or stationary, swivel or stay-put, footrest or footloose, the choice is up to you. And when it comes to chairs, the options are also endless! Take a look and see for yourself!





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