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Types of Cookware

Pot & pans on stovetop, a type of cookware

Every kitchen needs at least one quality pot and one excellent pan. These are the most basic and versatile of kitchen tools, and will be the key to whipping up everything from stews to traditional chicken Parmesan. Though often used interchangeably there are some differences. Pots have higher walls and are used primarily for cooking liquids such as soups and sauces, while pans are typically more shallow, and are great for frying items like bacon or for sautéing meat or veggies. It is wise to stock your kitchen with pots and pans in a wide variety of sizes to suit the needs of your favorite meals.

black griddle, a type of cookware

These elongated, flat pans are a fantastic way to expand your cooking options. A grill pan features ridges that allow you to cook and sear your meat or vegetables in a way that is similar to cooking on an outdoor grill, without all the hassle. Griddles have a similar design to grill pans, but have a flat cooking surface that is ideal for cooking everything from pancakes and eggs to hot sandwiches and seared meats. Grill pans and griddles are designed for use on your range or stove, but electrical options for your countertop are also available.

black roasting pan, a type of cookware

Roasters and roasting pans allow you to beautifully cook small or large cuts of meat or entire poultry dishes. These pans feature racks that raise the meat above the bottom of the pan, allowing the fat and juice drippings to rest in the base. This means the juices can be easily collected for basting or to make a gravy. Roasters and roasting pans are designed for use in the oven, or as self-contained electrical units that can be put to work on your countertop. Electrical roasters are particularly convenient when you want to cook your meat while leaving your oven free for other side dishes.

Teal colored cookware set

Cookware sets are a wonderful option for those who are looking to fully stock their kitchen. Basic cookware sets come with the most essential kitchen pieces, and generally include pots and pans in a variety of sizes, matching lids, and accessories such as tongs, ladles, and turners. More advanced cookware sets may include items such as roasters, Dutch ovens, or baking sheets. Buying your cookware as a set ensures all your pieces match and are of a similar quality.

White fondue set

Specialty cookware items are pieces that you probably won’t find in a cookware set. These items can be versatile and practical, such as the easy-to-use slow cooker, or devices used for preparing a specific kind of meal, like a fondue pot or a tagine. Specialty cookware items are great for those who love to try new foods and styles.

Red teapot

Teapots and tea kettles are a must have for those who love tea and/or herbal infusions. Not to be confused with one another, tea pots and tea kettles serve very different purposes. A tea kettle is designed to heat liquid only, and should be placed directly on your stove top. The tea kettle can heat water for any purpose, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen. More delicate than the tea kettle, the tea pot should never be placed on the stove. Tea pots are specifically designed to receive hot water and tea leaves, providing a way to easily steep and serve the hot drink. Tea pots are traditionally highly decorative, making them a useful and beautiful addition to your home.

Equip your kitchen with durable cookware, and get the essentials you need to fry, sauté, simmer, and boil your way to delicious dishes. Cookware sets including pots, pans, lids, and utensils offer a smart option for anyone just moving into a first apartment, and individual cookware pieces let you build your kitchen equipment collection. Look for pieces with nonstick surfaces and cool-touch handles to make cooking easy, and opt for specialty pieces, including stovetop grills and griddles for a range of food prep options. Choose from cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and ceramic pieces to find the right option for all your favorite recipes. Overstock.com carries a wide range of cookware sets and pieces from popular brands, including Farberware, T-fal, Chef's Secret, and Rachael Ray.





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