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Coffee & Side Tables

There’s nothing better than settling down in your comfy living room for some Netflix and chill time so make sure you have a spot to put your snacks and drinks down. We’ve got the perfect coffee, side and snack tables to complete your room.

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Rustic, traditional, industrial or minimalist - whatever your taste and whatever your needs, you’ll see everything’s grouped by style, so if it’s a coffee table and matching side table you’re looking for, you’ll see them side-by-side on our site. Let’s go! Start with a coffee table. Working as a focal point in your living room, it’s a spot to rest refreshments, corral remote controls and display your sophisticated collection of coffee table books (or tabloid magazines!). Decide what shape you like: round, square or rectangular. Then figure out what look suits the style of your room. Crafted with materials like wood, chrome, iron, glass and concrete, there’s something for every look.

If your room leans to the minimalist side, try a coffee table with sleek lines and smooth surfaces. Something in chrome and glass with a slim profile is perfect for this type of interior. Add in accessories sparingly to enhance the less is more aesthetic.

For a more rustic feel, go for a heavier weight coffee table. With a solid offering of pieces crafted with forged iron-like bases and rugged wood-look tops, these tables will enhance the warm rustic vibe you’re after. Accentuate the look using accessories with a cozy cabin or ranch house feel.

Or maybe it’s industrial styling that gets your designer senses tingling. We’ve got great options constructed with cement, iron and timeworn wood detailing. It’s up to you to decide how deep you’ll go into the trend.

As for side tables, if you like the idea of a matching set, this next step is simple. Just pick the one that’s made to match. If you want to mix things up a bit, try to choose something that works with your coffee table. Say it has a dark metal base;go for something complementary, but different.

Do you eat meals while channel surfing? Take a look at our snack tables. Different from the clumsy folding tables grandma brought out when the Hungry Man dinners were ready, these ones are stylish and sturdy and also do double duty in smaller spaces where a larger sized side table might not fit. Perfect for snack time or anytime, there’s one (or more!) for you!

Remember, style is in the details. Coffee tables and side tables are so much more than just a place to stash your stuff. When you use them to create stylish vignettes, you can really up the ante on your room’s fashion statement. A table lamp, a framed photo and a trinket work wonders on a side table while a stack of books topped off with a decorative object makes for a dynamic display on a coffee table. With so many stylish, durable and dependable tables to choose from, your room will be fully functional and fabulously fashionable in a just a few clicks.

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