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Whether you're a professional chef or just cooking to live, every kitchen needs a good cookware set. Cookware sets are what you need to be able to use multiple techniques to cook your food with different types of pots and pans for different jobs. What kind of cookware you use will depend on what you want to cook, but there's a piece out there to make every dish easier.

What are some types of cookware?

There are numerous different types of cookware available to consumers. Here are a few basic instruments from which more specialized pieces take their designs:

  • Pot: Pots are large, high-walled pieces of cookware for boiling and simmering soups or stocks. They can also be used for deep frying because of their depth as they help keep oil from splashing out.
  • Pan: Pans are wide, shallow pieces made to help cooks more easily access their food. Due to their short walls, cooks can toss their food straight in the pan without need to touch it.
  • Wok: Woks are large, bowl-shaped cookware designed to pool small amounts of oil in the center and work with minimal heat. The center of the wok is designed to be the hottest, with the outside edges used to keep things warm as you heat the rest of the dish in the center.
  • Griddle: Griddles are large, flat cooking surfaces usually made from cast iron. They are useful for cooking large batches of things at a time and are known for holding heat well.
What materials are cookware made from?

There are several types of materials cookware can be made from, with these four being the most common:

  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel pots and pans are long lasting and tough. They are also resistant to scratches and unlikely to corrode.
  • Copper: These are fast heating and offer very even heat distribution.
  • Cast iron: Cast iron provides the most even heating you can find in a cookware set. This material is naturally hearty and able to last for years or even generations
  • Aluminum: Lightweight and sturdy, aluminum cookware sets are common to find as a core for other types of specialized cookware, but they are also useful in their own right.
What does non-stick mean?

Non-stick pots, pans, and cookware sets are treated with special substances like polytetrafluoroethylene that can stop foods from sticking to them. Often made from steel or aluminum, this kind of coating is helpful for making certain dishes like eggs.





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