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In the past three years, with the negative impact of the epidemic on the global economy, the world economy has gradually entered the Great Depression period, the global import and export trade has slowed down, and people's consumption expenditure has decreased, resulting in excess capacity of goods, especially in the furniture industry, led by Wal-Mart and Target. The furniture industry retail giants have cut orders and promoted clearing inventory.
Faced with the current situation, our company has formulated corresponding countermeasures to resist risks. By changing the structure and packaging methods of furniture, the volume becomes smaller, the number of cabinets becomes more, and the price is relatively more advantageous and more satisfying. Customer requirements for furniture import.
As one of countless Chinese furniture manufacturing factories, we always consider problems from the perspective of customers, think what customers think, and truly think about customers. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to cooperate and win-win.
Our products cover a wide range, including dining room furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, bedroom furniture, bar furniture, office furniture, hotel furniture, etc., support customization according to drawings, whether it is material or size, we will purchase according to your requirements and Quantity provides the most competitive price in the market.





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