Dining room chairs

Dining room chairs
Who doesn't like good food? Cozy dining with friends or family while enjoying a drink. A good dining table and accompanying chairs are at least as important. After all, you want to sit comfortably, the chair should not be too hard, but not too soft either. Higdon Furniture has an extensive range of dining tables and dining room chairs in various price ranges . Whatever style you like, you will find it on our website.

A dining table chair for every interior
The choice of variants of dining chairs is large. It is important that you choose a chair that matches your interior style. For example, do you have a modern interior and a sleek dining room table? Then design dining room chairs with a metal frame go perfectly with this. If you prefer a brocante look, you can opt for a more classic variant, for example a baroque chair with padded backrest. We also have nice bar stools in our range for the bar in the kitchen . Select your desired style on this page in the left-hand column and find the dining room chair that suits your needs. All our dining room chairs are available in various colors and materials such as: fabric, leather or plastic.

Dining room chairs with and without armrest
In terms of design, there are plenty of options in chairs for the dining table. For example, you can opt for dining room chairs with armrests or without armrests. The advantage of a chair with armrests is that they offer extra comfort while sitting. Keep in mind that the armrest fits under the table top. If the armrest is too high, you cannot slide the chair under the table. Also pay attention to the seat height of your dining chair. It is not pleasant to eat if you have to reach too far with your arms. Even if you often work at the table, for example on the computer, it is nice that the ratio between the seat height of the chair and the table is not too large. By properly orienting yourself and choosing the right dining table seats, you prevent back problems and you will enjoy your purchase the most.

Chairs with wheels
Even when it comes to the base of your favorite dining table chair, we have plenty of choice. It is even possible to filter our selection on material of the frame, such as: wood or chrome. Please note that the chair legs are also suitable for your floor. If necessary, place felt pads under the legs to make sliding easier and prevent scratches. Do you want an easily movable seat? Then dining room chairs with wheels are recommended. Instead of fixed legs, these chairs have a chassis with wheels, making them easy to move. Dining room chairs with wheels are therefore also very suitable as an additional armchair, ideal for a little extra if you have a business visit. View our extensive range of dining chairs on our website. Order them inexpensively and quickly online or come and see them in our showroom in Ter Aar.





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